Bell Pepper


You will need:

Brown rice- (minute brown rice is just fine-brown box)

Nice sized bell peppers with a nice round bottom half

1 lime-cut it half

Ground turkey meat- (small container)---or your meat filling of your choice

1 slice of cheese




1. Wash bell peppers and then cut the tops off of them to be used later. cut the inside seeding out of the bell pepper so that you can see the bottom.

2. Chop the tops of the bell peppers into thin slices to be used in your turkey meat and rice

3. Get your saute pan and put ground turkey in it and add half of chopped peppers- season turkey meat to your liking- I used garlic pepper- black pepper and Mrs dash garlic and herb seasoning with a hint of garlic salt.

4. Let water  for rice come to a boil and then add brown rice- add in seasoning and remaining bell pepper

5. Grab one half of the lime and squeeze into brown rice-let it finish cooking

6. Stir turkey and taste to see if the seasoning is good to go

7. Get bottoms of peppers and prepare to stuff them

8. Once all the water has boiled out of rice- taste it to make it seasoning is to your liking- now squeeze the other half of the lime into rice and stir in it evenly

9. Now put rice into bottom of peppers-pack it down

10. Now add meat and pack it down unto peppers are full to capacity

11. Cut the slice of cheese into thin thin slithers and top the pepper with about 4 pieces each

12. Put into oven and bake for 12 minutes- cheese is melted and meat on top is browned! Ready to serve!